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bookmaker / букмекер, компилятор
имя существительное
bookmaker, bookie, handbook man
compiler, bookmaker, grub
имя существительное
a person who takes bets (especially on horse races), calculates odds, and pays out winnings.
UK bookmakers , casinos and betting shops make billions of pounds every year.
For any race, this is what the bookmaker does to ensure that no matter which horse wins, he gets the same profit.
It's not creating a level playing field to penalise an exchange because it offers better value for a punter's betting pound than a bookmaker .
Chances are you can find an Internet bookmaker who will accept your bet on the outcome.
Sometimes it will bring a better dividend than betting with a conventional bookmaker , at other times not.
The most popular bet is on first goal scorer but it's a typical bookmaker taking bets on horse racing and other sorts of shenanigans too.
It was a bad result for the bookmakers in one of the biggest betting races of the year with the leading two in the market coming home first and second.
Sad to report then that neither bookmakers nor the betting exchanges could find any trace of him.
Once you had to travel to the nearest bookmakers or casino for a flutter.
UK bookmakers , casinos and betting shops make billions of pounds every year.
Some of us have to work and are unable to watch TV at home or stand around in bookmakers shops.