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bookie / букмекер
имя существительное
bookmaker, bookie, handbook man
Last year's winner Bobbyjo and Suny Bay will be among the bookies ' favourites.
At this week's ceremony, the bookies ' favourites distanced themselves from the prize.
Doubtless, the bookies will be rubbing their hands with glee no matter what lands the big prize.
Pubs are being joined by bookies in opening up early for the World Cup.
He reflected that few active bookmakers were still around who could recall the days of illegal street bookies .
Did you ever stand in a bookies shop on St Stephens Day for a period of time?
You wouldn't need bookies , because every horse in a race would come first!
It would be expensive for the bookies , but it would ensure that customers would not lose out if the business folded.
The perception that everyone wants to have pubs and bookies is wrong.
I went into the bookies in Blackrock and had a shilling each way Drybob in error.