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bookcase / книжный шкаф, этажерка, книжная полка
имя существительное
книжный шкаф
bookcase, stand
книжная полка
bookshelf, bookcase, bookrack
имя существительное
a set of shelves for books set in a surrounding frame or cabinet.
These bulky albums are now spread across bookcases , cupboards, trunks, and attics.
There was what appeared to be a desk, chair, filing cabinet, and bookcase .
The other wall was entirely taken up with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase full of books.
Disappointed and confused, Rubar tossed the book back into the bookcase .
As I was searching through my bookcase for poetry books to see if I can glean some ideas another book toppled off the shelf.
We chuckled together as she stood and reached up to the top shelf of a grand bookcase in the corner.
At the bookcase he opened the drawer and found it was filled with junk.
Along the walls are bookcases filled with books he never knew existed.
The walls were covered with ceiling high wooden bookcases filled with books.
The familiar shelves and looming bookcases of the library surrounded her.
She moved her head left and saw bookcases full of old books and she turned her head the other way and she saw the same thing.