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bookbinder / переплетчик
имя существительное
bookbinder, binder
имя существительное
a person who binds books as a profession.
The other quarter did everything from mining coal to making paper flowers; they worked as tanners and carpenters, typesetters and bookbinders .
May, a former bookbinder who lost her own husband 16 years ago, said: ‘I'm not disputing there is a debt and that we owe the money.’
It's like a bookbinder accidentally dropping a chapter from one book into the middle of another one.
There will even be a specialist bookbinder on hand.
He started his working life as a bookbinder , though he longed to be part of the world of science, which he learned about with all the vigour of an autodidact.
His guardian apprenticed him to a bookbinder , but Strauss eventually followed his own bent and at 15 joined Michael Pamer's orchestra as a viola player.
Faraday first apprenticed as a bookbinder , and through his hard work and the help of mentors, became one of England's foremost chemists.
The book is clamped in a laying press, and each of the three open edges is trimmed with a bookbinder 's plow.
And endpapers are the four blank pages at the beginning and end of a book, included by the bookbinder to give the book additional strength.
She was the daughter of the richest man in town and he was a bookbinder, very poor bookbinder .
It takes its name from its founder, a Hungarian-born bookbinder who worked with Christian Dior in Paris and moved to Manhattan in 1950.