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bookable / забронированными
All seats bookable online have a clear view of the stage.
The bookable taxi-bus service will complement public transport services in the area, and will offer an alternative to the car to people living in the nearby rural areas.
We are now providing silent study areas on floors four and five in addition to study the floor two group study area, where two bookable group study rooms are now available.
Tickets cost £10, bookable by ringing the box office and leaving contact details including a phone number.
Self-driving is no problem (although signs in towns can be confusing), but the privately run first-class video coaches are bookable , swift and comfortable.
The advice is to come early because seats are not bookable .
Classes cost from £8 a session, bookable in groups of eight weeks, while studio sessions are upwards of £20 an hour
Discussions are still taking place as to whether the new meeting room will be a bookable room or a lounge exclusively for campus clubs.
A spokesperson said: ‘When a stand is bookable , the same rate applies for children as adults.’
Based on the feedback from public consolation processes the working group decided to put in place a household pick-up service which is bookable in advance and which has all-ability access.