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boogie / танцевать буги-вуги
танцевать буги-вуги
имя существительное
boogie-woogie, boogie
имя существительное
a style of blues played on the piano with a strong, fast beat.
Then, some boogie-woogie piano comes in, and kids begin shouting, ‘Happy birthday to you!’
dance to fast pop or rock music.
ready to boogie down to the music of the house band
The name Earth, Wind and Fire is almost synonymous with good vibes, sing-a-long hits and boogie dancing!
The last time I went out on the town for a few drinks and a bit of a boogie was my birthday, back in October.
After a bit of a boogie to Grooverider with the dance nutters we left for home at about 3am.
‘I would like to show them how to boogie down,’ he shouts on the album's most cohesive song, ‘Paper Mills’.
I also like any movie where the characters can boogie , and Napoleon has dancing skills like I've never seen.
And he says, ‘Sometimes I wanted to go out and go and boogie and dance and cajole around and drink and smoke and have fun.’
You have to fully regroup, march right back to front and boogie down like Ben and George.
It's a cool place, great for a Friday or Saturday night where your looking for some good drinks and a boogie till around 1: 30.
If you shimmied to ‘Shake,’ you'll want to boogie down to ‘Bounce’ and ‘Girl Next Door.’
ready to boogie down to the music of the house band