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boob / болван, досадная ошибка, олух
имя существительное
boob, blockhead, doodle, dummy, loggerhead, dolt
досадная ошибка
sad mistake, blooper, boob
booby, blockhead, clod, loggerhead, dullard, boob
имя существительное
a foolish or stupid person.
why was that boob given a key investigation?
an embarrassing mistake.
The London newspaper which made the boob quickly acknowledged its error, and he took his seat in Parliament.
a woman's breast.
I didn't even want to think what his reaction would be if the doc got anywhere near my boobs .
It overcame the curse of the solitary writer by creating a Jekyll-Hyde pairing, the crass boob with a commercial touch and the angst-ridden elitist sibling.
After all, he got a fellow widely derided as a boob into the White House, and then he guided a gigantic relieve-the-rich tax cut through Congress.
Jon asks with barely any interest, ‘Was that her boob ?’
A science-guy, described by colleagues as ‘a silly boob ,’ confused the tub containing the live rats with the one containing the dead rats.
The boob happened when the presenters stepped up to the stage to accept a gong for best daytime programme.
The way to change my life and the way to fix everything is to go and change a cheekbone or an eye or a boob
The hook for his new venture is helping others to avoid the blunders that he and his boob of a boss made when disaster struck in Louisiana.
But I am an absolute boob about all this chaos magic stuff.
‘I'm not calling him a boob ,’ Stuart said.
Burnley's arrangements for the town's next mayor have had to be changed after a mathematics boob led to the wrong man being put up for the job.