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boo-boo / глупая ошибка, ляп, промах
имя существительное
глупая ошибка
boner, boo-boo
flub, slip-up, boo-boo
miss, slip, blunder, bloomer, fault, boo-boo
имя существительное
a mistake.
you could make a big boo-boo if you leap to any drastic conclusions
I get the impression I just made a boo-boo
And so today I made a boo-boo on the website's structure, and my backup disappeared.
It's typical of me to get the technicalities right and then go and make a boo-boo in the text.
there is no one to kiss the boo-boo!
This is a big boo-boo and any knowledgable pasta person will tell you not to.
At this point, let me pause to say that my big boo-boo had already been committed.
In all fairness, we often criticise the referee, but he definitely made a boo-boo that day.
I didn't want someone to ‘kiss my boo-boo to make it better,’ but I did want someone.
No one pays much attention to the nepotism in politics, until someone's sibling makes a boo-boo .
But if I have made an embarrassing boo-boo I have to admit it.