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bonus / премия, тантьема
имя существительное
premium, prize, award, bonus, bounty, purse
bonus, melon
имя существительное
an amount of money added to wages on a seasonal basis, especially as a reward for good performance.
big Christmas bonuses
Several 0% cards charge no interest on both balance transfers and new purchases, which is a double bonus !
The club was also offering the team a far higher bonus for a win.
As an added bonus , the CDs aren't that expensive.
Of course, the essence of the trick in Curran's Case was, by paying out the bonus share dividend, you reduce the value of the original shares.
good weather is an added bonus but the real appeal is the landscape
Having a Swedish manager who managed an Italian team is also a bonus , because he will have better knowledge of more players from across the globe.
As an extra bonus these people are also listening for longer.
However, the added bonus for shareholders comes in the form of industry consolidation.
You should reward your more productive employees with merit-based pay, such as bonus or share option schemes, rather than increasing wage rates across the board.
good weather is an added bonus but the real appeal is the landscape