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bonny / красивый, миловидный, здоровый
имя прилагательное
beautiful, handsome, nice, lovely, goodly, bonny
pretty, comely, cute, bonny, goodly, nice-looking
healthy, wholesome, sound, good, healthful, bonny
имя прилагательное
attractive; beautiful.
a bonny lass
имя существительное
used as a form of address for one's beloved or baby.
My bonnie lies over the ocean.
We were driving around Speyside the other day looking for bonny purple heather and found that the hillsides were blanketed with the dull cerise of willow-herb.
‘You've come a long way,’ said Naomi, the casting director's assistant who was bonny and bright.
These powerful images are a far cry from Scottish artist John Finnie's 1864 idealised Maids of All Work, looking blithe and bonny in crisp cottons.
From here we can also see cars blitzing their way north as the A9 snakes through some of Scotland's most spectacular scenery close to bonny Loch Alvie.
She is a larger than life Earth Mother: bonny , capable, strong and energetic.
There are just a few days left to enter your bonny baby into this year's Baby of the Year competition.
‘Give us a smile, bonny lass,’ said the young sentry in a sweet Geordie voice as I walked past pretending to be invisible.
Why do you need a bus when you have a bonny lass to drive you to school today?
Isobelle is my grand niece and a bonny little thing she is.
There will be a dog show at 1pm, bonny baby at 2.30 pm, fancy dress at 3pm followed by Best Dressed Lady at 3.30 pm.