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bonnet / капот, крышка, чепчик
имя существительное
hood, bonnet, cowl, capote, cowling, housecoat
cap, cover, lid, case, hood, bonnet
bonnet, mutch, caul
нахлобучить шляпу
bonnet, clap a hat on one's head, slap a hat on one's head
stew, extinguish, put out, braise, quench, bonnet
надевать шляпу
hat, bonnet
имя существительное
a woman's or child's hat tied under the chin, typically with a brim framing the face.
I began tying the bonnet ribbon under my chin as I made my way to her.
a protective cover or cap over a machine or object, in particular.
Well, with that and the money I make from this story, Chris' bonnet is almost covered.
an additional canvas laced to the foot of a sail to catch more wind.
For fine weather sailing one or two ‘ bonnets ’ are added to the foot of the sail; we sailed with one bonnet of 210 sqft added to the main.
I grabbed my simple straw bonnet that tied with a pink silk ribbon and my white lace gloves.
With most of the locomotive now back together the bonnet is having some attention.
As he walks up the final fairway, waving a new tartan bonnet , the crowd rise in tribute to a great champion.
There is nothing he loves more than opening the bonnet of his Vauxhall Nova and getting his hands covered in oil.
It had doors, bonnet , boot lid, seats and all manner of bits and bobs from other Avengers.
You can fiddle around with the insides of the machine without having to do as much as lift the bonnet and get grease under your nails.
A family who left their £23,000 car with an airport parking firm while they went on holiday returned to find it caked in mud and the doors and bonnet damaged.
The focus is not on wearing a fancy Easter bonnet and new patent leather shoes.
Lorelei commented as she held up the coat and bonnet together.
It was a straw bonnet with light blue lace ribbon around it.