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bonkers / чокнутый, помешанный, безумный
имя прилагательное
nuts, crazy, loony, bonkers, mad, wacky
bonkers, mad, crazy, freak, hooked, moonstruck
insane, mad, crazy, frantic, reckless, bonkers
имя прилагательное
mad; crazy.
and the fans go bonkers
Well, provided you haven't gone completely bonkers and been committed, that may well be true.
Well, the outrageous Julie has always been bonkers , hasn't she.
When I suggest he could subsidise lower ticket prices by putting on fewer concerts he looks at me as though I am bonkers .
It'll be a real hoot to see the neighbors gawking, gasping and going completely bonkers over your capricious little caper.
But don't get stressed out and go bonkers in the middle of Boots.
And, brilliantly insightful or bonkers , they'll still be worth hearing.
Only one of us was bonkers in this particular episode.
The alternative, which is of course always possible, is that half the town has gone stark, raving bonkers .
It comes as a shock to find oneself joining the ‘Dear Sir, are we all going bonkers ?’
I have been going absolutely bonkers trying to get a doll which is absolutely-to-my-liking finished.