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bonk / трахать, трахаться
fuck, shag, knock, bonk, knock off
fuck, screw, bonk, grind, lay, frig
knock or hit (something) so as to cause a reverberating sound.
he bonked his head on the plane's low bulkhead
have sexual intercourse with (someone).
But that does not mean the bike sheds are crawling with nubile adolescents bonking like bunnies, or that those highly sexually experienced teenagers are typical.
(of a cyclist or runner) reach a point of exhaustion that makes one unable to go further.
I bonked and couldn't pedal another stroke
имя существительное
an act of knocking or hitting something that causes a reverberating sound.
give it a bonk with a hammer
an act of sexual intercourse.
A self-absorbed advertising type, gives up his Christmas airplane seat to a family man so he can stay behind for a bonk .
a level of exhaustion that makes a cyclist or runner unable to go further.
we had the bonk when we were saddle sore
Everything we've learned in the past few years has given us a bonk on the head in terms of speaking directly to individual people.
Last year I went back to Kynance with my beloved fiancée, and we thanked my guardian angel by having a delightful bonk on a cliff.
As the miles rack up the body starts to feel fatigued, the mind starts to not be quite as sharp, but I wasn't feeling the bonk and could have gone on for more.
If an actor looks like a wimp, it's not going to be believable for him to slam down the other character, but a bonk to the eyes might work instead.
He stood, making sure that he wouldn't bonk his head on the ceiling.
That director must've had a bonk on the head or no brain at all.
Don't lower yourself too quickly, or you'll bonk your head on the ground.
This additional carbohydrate fuel will prolong the time to the bonk .
Liz stood on her toes just to bonk him in the head.
He changed position to free up one of his hands, and then he used the hand to bonk his enemy's head.