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bong / бом
имя существительное
a low-pitched, resonant sound such as made by a large bell.
the clock had struck the hour, and it was only three bongs
a water pipe used for smoking marijuana or other drugs.
In the ten years since first trying cannabis, I have been a regular smoker of pure, high quality cannabis using water bongs , special pipes and rarely pure joints.
a large piton.
Back then, if you needed a bong -bong (wide piton), you had to make it yourself.
(especially of a bell) emit a low-pitched, resonant sound.
Several eyes looked at the clock, its trusty chimes bonged 3: 00.
Joey then walked into the closet, and a few moments later, pulled out the tallest bong I had ever seen.
When Ella heard the bong of the palace clock striking, she counted the eleven strikes.
The route no longer requires the infamous " bong sandwiches" (pitons stacked against wood blocks), but it still has an eerie feel.
The grandfather clock in the corner struck eleven o'clock and let out a deep bong sound.
The bong pipe, which accompanies him everywhere, stands untouched on the table.
It is usually mixed with tobacco and rolled into a smokable ‘joint’ or ‘spliff’, or the mixture is put into a pipe or a (often home-made) construct called a bong .
A used cannabis bong has been found yards away from a primary school.
For a loose definition of the sound, imagine repetitive bong hits.
They made a very sonorous and resonant bong .
Drug tests don't reveal whether a student smoked one joint a month ago or takes bong hits between classes.