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bonfire / костер
имя существительное
bonfire, balefire, smudge
имя существительное
a large open-air fire used as part of a celebration, for burning trash, or as a signal.
She added that the annual Halloween celebrations will see bonfires on the area, only making things worse than they already are.
Last week, I got up at three in the morning, lit a bonfire in my garden, and started fixing the grass.
yet again, events had made a bonfire of her plans
Of course, the smoke did not affect their own houses because the bonfire was at the bottom of their gardens.
The bonfire of burning bras has finally died down and we should admit effeminacy is killing the arts.
The fire is believed to have been caused by a bonfire which got out of control.
Asked to dispose of it, he quietly burnt it on a bonfire in his back garden in Cheshire, the court heard.
Across in Biggar, the bonfire celebrations date back to the pagan times when fire was worshipped.
The pair had been setting off fireworks, lighting fires and throwing aerosol cans onto a bonfire .
the smell of burning leaves from a garden bonfire
It was celebrated with bonfires , parades and people dressing up as saints, angels and devils.