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bone / кость, костяк, скелет
имя существительное
bone, os
bone, skeleton, frame
skeleton, frame, bone, atomy, barebone, anatomy
имя прилагательное
bone, osseous
bone, osseous
снимать мясо с костей
удобрять костяной мукой
steal, swipe, thieve, glom, snitch, bone
имя существительное
any of the pieces of hard, whitish tissue making up the skeleton in humans and other vertebrates.
his injuries included many broken bones
the calcified material of which bones consist.
an earring of bone
the basic or essential framework of something.
you need to put some flesh on the bones of your idea
a penis.
remove the bones from (meat or fish).
while the gumbo is simmering, bone the cooked chicken
study (a subject) intensively, often in preparation for something.
she boned up on languages she had learned long ago and went back to New Guinea
(of a man) have sexual intercourse with (someone).
‘Jacks date back to ancient Rome, when they were carved from ivory or bone ,’ she says.
The earliest example of European poetry about a stranded whale is an Anglo-Saxon inscription on a whale bone casket of about 700 AD.
A stylish box made from bone and accented in brass - both exotic and elegant.
The spongy bone material was then used for DNA extraction.
an earring of bone
stewed in stock made with a ham bone
This involves the use of ivory, bone , and pieces of wood to create geometric patterns.
A cheaper and readily available material which is often passed off as ivory is bone .
Bones are made up of two types of material - compact bone and cancellous bone .
a shoulder bone