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bonanza / золотое дно, процветание, бонанца
имя существительное
золотое дно
bonanza, goldmine
prosperity, flourish, bonanza, thrift, well-being
имя прилагательное
prosperous, thriving, flourishing, thrifty, going, bonanza
имя существительное
a situation or event that creates a sudden increase in wealth, good fortune, or profits.
a bonanza in military sales
He told the News natural gas projects would continue the jobs bonanza of the Darwin railway.
This tribal inferiority complex is what helped make the Rocky movies a box-office bonanza .
Kairali is airing a continuous 36-hour-long festival bonanza from Wednesday to Friday.
This sure seems a bonanza opportunity for both designers and customers with a discerning eye.
Many politicians, bureaucrats and their families have benefited from this bonanza created on the backs of cheap immigrant labour.
a bonanza year for the computer industry
Experts have predicted that internet retailers will benefit more than ever before from the festive bonanza .
Should they hit the bonanza with a film, the rewards can vary from £50,000 to £250,000.
The second half saw them totally dominate play and further goals from Elliot Scott and Liam Walsh completed the goal bonanza .
All three shows are large and will travel, making this a bonanza opportunity to explore new aspects of both artists and to see some rarely lent pictures.