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bombshell / бомба, гром среди ясного неба, красотка
имя существительное
bomb, bombshell, egg
гром среди ясного неба
babe, beautiful, cutie, lovely, bombshell, peach
имя существительное
an overwhelming surprise or disappointment.
the news came as a bombshell
a very attractive woman.
a twenty-year-old blonde bombshell
an artillery shell.
So we have bombshells that hit every corner of the airport, and of course they strike a lot of airplanes.
At just 19, the actress has filled the shoes of Hollywood legends and reinterpreted the blonde bombshell for a new century.
Rhos of course, wore only black, being the blonde bombshell she was.
It's the blonde bombshell 's battle for big bucks.
Though it obviously wasn't Marilyn herself posing for the camera, the king-size bed she chose to lounge on was previously owned by the blonde bombshell .
One of them looked up at the approaching sight of the blonde bombshell in a short skirt and black leather jacket wrapped tight around her very arousing figure.
Just days after he announced he'd stay leader for as long as the party wanted him the prime minister dropped a bombshell .
a twenty-year-old blonde bombshell
So you can imagine their shock when just minutes after their daughter Harriet was born doctors dropped a bombshell .
The hockey star seemed a little overprotective of his blonde bombshell , going so far as to give an autograph seeker the evil eye and a few choice words.
Bosses dropped a bombshell on employees just weeks before Christmas, announcing the company would shut because it was trading at a loss.