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bombed / бомбить, сбрасывать бомбы, проваливаться
сбрасывать бомбы
bomb, deliver the bombs
fall through, fall in, break down, flop, plow, skid
имя прилагательное
(of an area or building) subjected to bombing.
the rubble of a bombed house
intoxicated by drink or drugs.
“we might as well get bombed out of our minds ,” he said, downing another bottle
attack (a place or vehicle) with a bomb or bombs.
London was bombed, night after night
(of a movie, play, or other event) fail miserably.
a big-budget movie that bombed at the box office
move very quickly.
the bus came bombing along
By the time I got home the next morning, bombed out of my skull on cheap tequila and even cheaper laudanum, she was already asleep.
The bombed areas were cordoned off from civilians who, by and large, remained unimpressed.
My dad remembers stalking through the rubble of a bombed house while the woman who had lived there cried on the step.
Cleary, she was bombed out of her mind during the interview.
There wasn't much here then - eight miles of bombed buildings and an eroded runway.
There was a heavy military presence at the bombed areas yesterday.
They both looked bombed out of their minds on ecstasy or some other teenybopper-dancing drug.
Reuters TV showed images of an injured baby being taken out of the rubble of a bombed house.
We then try to contact someone from the bombed area and if there's no telephone, we try to contact someone who might have extra information.
Rescue Party was an instructional film about how to get people out of bombed buildings.