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bombast / напыщенность
имя существительное
bombast, flatulence, pomposity, highfalutin, grandiloquence, sententiousness
имя существительное
high-sounding language with little meaning, used to impress people.
But for many years now bombast , rant, and confident obscurity have been his reigning notes.
He delivers a Ride Of The Valkyries in which he supplants bombast with an intelligent compliment to the story as it appears on stage.
If he did he'd have surely come up with better arguments than bluster and bombast .
If post-rock has proved anything, it's that subtlety and bombast aren't mortal enemies.
Her wild, rash and unprecedented bombast was a shameful act of utter disrespect, not only to her constituency but also to the nation.
His performance veers between extreme bombast and lazy naturalism - a shaky line few actors could get away with, but he pulls it off brilliantly.
There was more bombast and bluster than football, the most notable happenings on the park being the accumulation of bookings.
The president conveyed strength and reassurance and firmness, without bombast , without posturing.
But let's not compound our losses with deluded bombast about what we have to gain.
This is an important but ponderous book, but if one can endure the Communist bombast , it is well worth reading.
the bombast of gung-ho militarism