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bombard / бомбардировать, донимать, засыпать вопросами
bombard, pound, shell
pester, bombard
засыпать вопросами
bombard, inundate with inquiries
имя существительное
attack (a place or person) continuously with bombs, shells, or other missiles.
the city was bombarded by federal forces
имя существительное
a cannon of the earliest type, which originally fired a stone ball.
Yet for all the muskets, bombards , and cannon, Kelly appears more interested in the impact of gunpowder as a technological force driving deeper societal changes.
The Hague Convention, Article Four, states that you are not allowed to bombard uninhabited villages or villages that are not occupied by defendants.
Protesters fear the green light will be given to the proposal but have promised they will continue to bombard environment and health bosses with their concerns.
For a second night, the Marines called in a gunship to bombard insurgent positions.
One answer of course might be for the Allies to bombard the railway tracks leading to the death camps.
Government forces used mortars, helicopter gunships and airplanes to bombard rebel positions.
But the last thing I wanted to do was bombard her with millions of questions.
But what about the TV commercials that incessantly bombard living rooms across America?
Phipps moved four ships in close to shore to bombard the town, but caused little damage.
They could bombard the city from the outskirts but could not occupy it without unacceptable losses.
The worm has programmed infected computers to bombard the web site with corrupt data from this Saturday with the intention of forcing it to crash.