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bomb / бомбить, сбрасывать бомбы, проваливаться
сбрасывать бомбы
bomb, deliver the bombs
fall through, fall in, break down, flop, plow, bomb
имя существительное
bomb, bombshell, egg
mine, bomb, mien
balloon, cylinder, bulb, gas cylinder, bag, bomb
имя существительное
a container filled with explosive, incendiary material, smoke, gas, or other destructive substance, designed to explode on impact or when detonated by a time mechanism, remote-control device, or lit fuse.
The second night attack, which used high explosive and incendiary bombs alternately, caused the first man-made firestorm which affected an area of
a lump of lava thrown out by a volcano.
Everyone else gets going out of the way of the lava bombs and lava flows.
a movie, play, or other event that fails badly.
And while expensive star signings have won lacklustre ratings, the channel's film arm has produced a string of critical and commercial bombs .
a long forward pass or hit in a ball game.
a big 40-yard bomb down the middle to tight end Howard Cross
an outstandingly good person or thing.
the site would really be da bomb if its content were updated more frequently
attack (a place or vehicle) with a bomb or bombs.
London was bombed, night after night
(of a movie, play, or other event) fail miserably.
a big-budget movie that bombed at the box office
move very quickly.
the bus came bombing along
The group hovered along the surface, flying over the lava fields and dodging the rare incoming of a lava bomb .
The court heard that the bomb contained high explosives that were normally used for mining explosions in Northern Ireland.
These proposals were eventually rejected for fear that the use of the bomb might provoke a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.
The building has been targeted before, and was the scene of a massive van bomb in 1993.
Passing the bomb between teammates and trying to setup plays is really cool!
the site would really be da bomb if its content were updated more frequently
The place was very small, and the drinks cost a bomb !
A bomb or grenade also exploded on the road during the shooting, but caused no casualties.
The show didn't cost a bomb and was in aid of a local charity for children.
The age of the bomb , and of other weapons of mass destruction (chemical and biological) continues.