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bolus / шарик, большая пилюля
имя существительное
ball, bead, bulb, pellet, globule, bolus
большая пилюля
имя существительное
a small rounded mass of a substance, especially of chewed food at the moment of swallowing.
After passing the pharynx during swallowing, the food bolus enters the esophagus, which is positioned at approximately the level of the sixth cervical vertebra.
mucin holds the particles of food together in a ball or bolus
During summer and autumn, jays routinely make hundreds of food caches per day, placing each saliva-coated bolus in a separate arboreal site.
The goal is a reduction in the resting pressure to allow passage of the food bolus into the stomach.
Although there are few data on nicotine lethality, one report suggests that a bolus of less than I mg/kg is fatal in humans.
Peering then through the glass, which demarcated the realms wherein we exist, I felt the bolus of grief form in my gullet.
On Midway Island in the Hawaiian chain, a bolus , or mass of chewed food, coughed up by one bird included many identifiable objects.
The most common error was injecting bolus doses faster than the recommended speed of 3-5 minutes.
The program recorded the video as one gigantic bolus , and pretended that the clips were discrete files, which they weren't.
Parent tree swallows deliver food to nestlings in a bolus , making it difficult to determine either the quantity or quality of food.
The cardiac sphincter opens because of increasing pressure in the esophagus from the food bolus .