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bolt-hole / запасной выход, нора, убежище
имя существительное
запасной выход
hole, burrow, den, lodge, earth, bolt-hole
asylum, refuge, shelter, haven, sanctuary, bolt-hole
имя существительное
a place where a person can escape and hide.
he thought of Antwerp as a possible bolthole
He has a palatial house in a smart part of London and a bolt-hole in Hertfordshire.
The question had been answered; he had been hiding in a bolt-hole beneath a shack.
‘I belong to a generation for whom reading books was a mild narcotic,’ he says, ‘a bolt-hole from life's drudgery, sought out on a daily basis.’
He planned to start this jubilee holiday boarding the ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway, getting away from his work to the family bolt-hole on the west coast of Lewis.
The decision of stay-at-home tourists to trade up is putting pressure on seaside resorts, not least the burghers of Blackpool, a traditional bolt-hole for thousands of Glaswegians.
Sherlock Holmes did set out for the moors to entrap the Baskerville hound, but kept coming back to his bolt-hole in central London, right in the heart of the world's great empire.
The American gunman who found a bolt-hole in Lincolnshire after escaping the murder of two missionaries in the 1970s, died yesterday.
He and his friends had been down in their strip-lit bolt-hole for weeks, toiling selflessly day and night.
But there are other times when this place is my little bolt-hole from the City Sickness, the crazed world out there under the unhealthy glow of orange streetlights.
We now have more than 500 members from 35 countries worldwide and many of them see the club as a unique bolt-hole where they can shelter from the public eye.