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bolt / болт, затвор, засов
имя существительное
bolt, screw, pin, clincher, gudgeon, screw-bolt
gate, shutter, bolt, seal, lock, plug
bolt, bar, hasp, fast
elope, run down, bolt, go off, whip out, split
bolt, run away
закрывать на засов
имя существительное
a metal pin or bar, in particular.
a short heavy arrow shot from a crossbow.
Crossbow bolts and arrows passed like clouds across the face of the sun.
a flash of lightning leaving a jagged line across the sky.
A great bolt of white lightning flashed out of thin air.
a roll of fabric, originally as a measure.
the room is stacked with bolts of cloth
fasten (something) with a metal pin or bar, in particular.
(of a horse or other animal) run away suddenly out of control.
the horses shied and bolted
eat or swallow (food) quickly.
it is normal for puppies to bolt down their food
pass (flour, powder, or other material) through a sieve.
You'll need a Phillips head screwdriver to fasten the bolt to the backplate.
I worked the bolt , feeling the mechanism glide smoothly and lock into place with a well-machined snick.
The door had a single bolt that had been neglected for so long that it was rusting and squeaked as they pulled it back.
Rich pulled the trigger of his crossbow and the bolt shot out.
Once Richard had been felled by a bolt from a crossbow, Philip began to enjoy success on the battlefield.
Over the years I've learned to plant black radish after midsummer so it will not bolt to flower before forming a root.
Elaborate caliper rules were developed to measure cloth on the bolt , without unwinding it.
She climbed with effortless grace and clipped the rope to the top bolt .
A lightning bolt struck outside the window, shedding some light on the empty bed before him.
A magazine slipped into place with a smooth click, the bolt slid back and forth freely.