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bologna / болонская колбаса
имя существительное
болонская колбаса
bologna, bologna sausage, baloney, boloney
имя существительное
a large smoked, seasoned sausage made of various meats, especially beef and pork.
These include sausage, bologna , salami and hot dogs.
имя существительное
a city in northern Italy, northeast of Florence; population 374,944 (2008). Its university, which dates from the 11th century, is the oldest in Europe.
When we want her to look really excited we'll put another dog with her so there's competition for the bologna .
In other words, opt for roast turkey, beef and ham over heavily processed, high-fat, high-calorie meats like salami and bologna .
Residents have complained that the coyotes are getting too close for comfort, possibly attracted by a few neighbors setting out bologna to feed the animals.
I may know that a person will choose steak over bologna though I in no way influenced their choice.
Absentmindedly rolling a piece of bologna into a tube before biting into it, I hoped dejectedly that that wasn't what my dealing with Andrew was coming to.
That's when hunters from Maine to the Carolinas make the pilgrimage to the store to have their kill turned into ham, sausage, and bologna .
When we read ‘meat meal’ on pet food labels we might assume that it's similar to ingredients found in bologna , hot dogs or sausage.
All the kids would sneak back into the kitchen after the adults were asleep and make crazy sandwiches like peanut butter and bologna .
These include sausage, bologna , salami and hot dogs.
The hot dog was skinny and tasted like warm bologna .