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bollard / швартовая тумба, швартовная тумба
имя существительное
швартовая тумба
швартовная тумба
имя существительное
a short, thick post on the deck of a ship or on a wharf, to which a ship's rope may be secured.
Photographs and film both show manila rope still neatly stowed about the ship's mooring bollards .
a short post used to divert traffic from an area or road.
More than 200 residents have already been issued with special electronic passes to ensure they will be able to raise and lower the two bollards upon leaving or entering the area.
Sensors and cameras were installed so that taxis, buses and emergency vehicle could continue driving through, while the bollard would rise to prevent unauthorised vehicles.
Wilf gave up his efforts to secure the towline, leaned against the starboard bollard and grinned with enjoyment as he sat there watching his grandfather, who was used to doing things his own way, fume impotently.
They used a traffic bollard to smash six windows.
Working away from the shot we passed over an area of recognisable decking before taking a belay off a mooring bollard .
He is featured on the cover, placing a line around a bollard as a ship enters port at Newport Naval Base.
The vehicle was travelling towards Whitefield when it struck a traffic bollard , hit a parked car and rebounded into the shop front.
One later said later it was like being in a rally car as Stubbs entered a roundabout at speed and skidded into a traffic bollard , demolishing it.
He said Mr Rhodes had not anticipated the traffic bollard in the middle of the road and had lost control after being forced to make a harsh steering manoeuvre.
The first things to greet you are the huge mooring bollards that stick out at right angles, their ropes still wound in a figure of eight around them.
He parked alongside some piles of pallets stacked on the quayside which were very close to the bollards to which the starboard mooring lines were secured.