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boll / семенная коробочка
имя существительное
семенная коробочка
boll, seed vessel, capsule
имя существительное
the rounded seed capsule of plants such as cotton or flax.
Total boll numbers and seed cotton mass per metre were recorded.
Total boll numbers and seed cotton mass per metre were recorded.
‘I work on the coolest stuff,’ said Wendel, picking up a cotton boll lying on his desk.
According to Shurley and Bednarz, peak maturity of a cotton boll occurs at its opening.
A tiny cotton boll harvested from a field ends up in a 500-pound bale that is shipped to textile mills or traded on the world market.
Cotton bolls burst forth with all the bright colors of the rainbow.
Generally, the ovaries of the flowers and the rinds of the cotton bolls , which are favoured by the bollworm, contained the least amount of toxin, while leaves contained the highest levels.
Today, it's not the boll weevil but the pink bollworm that threatens southwestern Pima, nesting inside the bolls , where it is hard to get.
Another redhead came and both of them widened their eyes in unison, looking more and more like two bolls of cotton, when they saw me.
The pink bollworm is a major cotton pest which invades the growing cotton bolls and destroys both the seeds and the cotton fibers.
But we're having real problems getting the bolls to open, and the leaf off to a lesser extent.