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boletus / гриб
имя существительное
mushroom, fungus, boletus, darner
Count the gills under the cap - or in the case of a boletus , the holes.
The chef has produced a varied menu ranging from boletus cooked in oil to seafood risotto..
Double-boiled whole shark's fin soup with matsutake, sauteed scallops with termite mushroom and ginkgo and wok-fired prawns with boletus and almonds are just some of the innovations.
Then, in April, as morels and king boletes begin to show around Mount Shasta and in the mountains of eastern Oregon, pickers climb into their ‘rigs’ and drive northward again.
Many boletes are worth eating, but their stems tend to become infested with insects or maggots and often have to be discarded.
His delicious little Wild Mushroom Beignets are for those lucky enough to know where to gather boletuses and horns of plenty.
Nations with timorous taste buds limit their knowledge and appetite, so that to the Anglo-American lay mind the aristocratic boletes are, at best, reformed toadstools.
If, however, not a soul has come across your plum paste, your Himalayan red rice or your Chilean boletes , you win.