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boilerplate / котельное железо, котельный лист
имя существительное
котельное железо
boiler plate
котельный лист
boiler plate
имя существительное
rolled steel for making boilers.
Although some iron, steel, boilerplate , and machinery was smuggled through the blockade, the flow was meager and uncertain.
smooth, overlapping, and undercut slabs of rock.
the ice-worn boilerplates
writing that is clichéd or expresses a generally accepted opinion or belief.
the same dreary boilerplate he’s been dishing up for years
He dishes out another piece of pointless boilerplate .
Take the samples and carry out the required metallurgical tests on your boilerplate .
Art today is rich in witless posturing, philosophical boilerplate , ostentatious anger, and conventional shock.
In these mature years, he has moved from boilerplate to goldplate, choosing his films with far more care.
The idea is to force each vendor away from its own boilerplate contract, which favors the supplier over the buyer.
You'll note that the boilerplate text is subtly different.
Lawyers would have to send a copy of each lawsuit to the state bar, and would have to include new boilerplate in their demand letters advising defendants of their right to consult their own attorney and so forth.
The pictures soon came to symbolize the dispossessed of America during the Depression; to the politically minded, they exposed the truth behind the patriotic boilerplate .
Some of the best advice we ever got was, ‘Don't innovate on boilerplate .’
You'll note the boilerplate disclaimer by the CEO.