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boiler / котел, бойлер, кипятильник
имя существительное
boiler, pot, cauldron, caldron, kettle, copper
boiler, heater, tea urn
имя существительное
a fuel-burning apparatus or container for heating water, in particular.
In contrast, steam turbines use steam generated in an external boiler to rotate the fans.
It had five indistinguishable letters where the ship's name should be, and the two-cylinder compound steam engine and single boiler correspond to the machinery fitted to the Clyde.
No separate storage tank is needed in the tankless coil water heater because water is heated directly inside the boiler in a hot water heating system.
You can buy it in a kit, but you will need a plumber to help you connect the system to the boiler .
The steam was generated in a separate boiler and brought into the sphere along a hollow spindle.
Paul stationed himself in the bedroom window, and I was in the garden and the boiler had reached working pressure so I flipped the piston to start it.
But the principle of generating steam in a boiler under pressure and using it to push pistons back and forth in two or more double-acting cylinders, is just the same.
The main stumbling block is the cost of installing the gigantic network of pipes needed to carry hot water from the central boiler to hundreds of homes.
Have your boiler and central-heating system checked over once a year by a qualified engineer.
This reflects the best a locomotive can do based on the quality and quantity of steam delivered from the boiler .