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boggle / испуг, колебания
имя существительное
fright, consternation, funk, dismay, startle, boggle
vibration, wavering, scruple, straddle, boggle
shy, boggle, spook
boggle, be cunning
fear, be afraid, dread, stand in awe of, be shy, boggle
(of a person or a person's mind) be astonished or overwhelmed when trying to imagine something.
the mind boggles at the spectacle
you never boggle at plain speaking
you never boggle at plain speaking
Such malevolent megalomania boggles the mind.
There is so much traffic here the mind boggles .
The concept of a 3D David Letterman boggles the mind.
That's why my mind boggles when I see or hear people talking about American Idol.
The city has few ‘vistas’ that tourists easily identify and the complex of cultural buildings around the Potsdamer Platz boggles the mind.
The naming of a culprit by a police force which has not amassed enough evidence to warrant an arrest, never mind charges, is so damaging to fairness and due process that it boggles the mind.
The scale of the event boggles the mind and is a measure of the man's imagination and the cast circles of high-rolling friends who answered his invitation.
That's why my mind boggles when I hear about things like the Roadsworth trial.