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bogeyman / страшилище, привидение
имя существительное
fright, bogeyman, Gorgon, gorilla
ghost, apparition, specter, spook, spirit, bogeyman
имя существительное
an imaginary evil spirit, referred to typically to frighten children.
with the blankets pulled over our heads to keep out the bogeyman
It is being used as a bogeyman to ‘send messages’ that are even problematic for those of us who support civil liberties and economic development.
Fear of artificial inflation remains the biggest bogeyman .
It's become an iconic canvas onto which an entire generation projected its fear of the Other, a 1960s bogeyman .
nuclear power is the environmentalists' bogeyman
But some people really need to conquer their fear of this bogeyman that lurks in their psyches.
For many in the green lobby, atomic power is the ultimate bogeyman , blighting landscapes and producing waste which is difficult to dispose of safely.
But today's report comparing property inflation with rises in wages suggests we are frightened of the wrong bogeyman .
with the blankets pulled over our heads to keep out the bogeyman
The old values of community are reaffirmed while progress is forever the bogeyman .
Lumping men together as one massive evil bogeyman is not constructive.