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bogey / жупел, пугало, тележка
имя существительное
bogey, bogy, bogie
scarecrow, bogey, fright, bugbear, bugaboo, guy
truck, cart, trolley, carriage, bogie, bogey
имя прилагательное
marshy, swampy, squishy, boggy, swamp, bogey
flabby, flaccid, slack, soft, dozed, bogey
имя существительное
a person or thing that causes fear or alarm.
the bogey of recession
play (a hole) in one stroke over par.
Brewer told a story about Rosburg leading a tournament in Portland, but then the next day bogeying the first hole, double-bogeying the second before walking off the course in disgust.
the bogey of recession
The bogey of community in peril was falsely raised to keep the constituency within the preserve of male candidates.
Prions, the rogue proteins that also cause BSE, have come to be an ultra-modern bogey , a sinister by-product of urbanisation.
While behaviour disturbance, depression, extreme anxiety, and other psychiatric conditions might become manifest, post traumatic stress is the bogey .
But at the Reformation, this interpretation was forbidden, and a bogey henceforth could only be a bogey , never a ghost.
Of course, any such attempt is constrained by the spectre of a nuclear war, whose bogey is very calculatingly turned off and on by the country's government officials.
the bogey of recession
I remember I had to make an eight-foot putt for bogey on the first hole.
When you're trying to break 100 for the first time, a bogey is a great score, and it should be your goal.
But a bogey on that hole meant all I needed on the par - 4 18th was a 5 and I would break 90.