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bodywork / кузовостроение
имя существительное
имя существительное
the metal outer shell of a vehicle.
Vandals slashed tyres, scratched bodywork and pulled off windscreen wipers.
therapies and techniques in complementary medicine that involve touching or manipulating the body.
For those practising massage, bodywork and manipulative therapies, these somatic dysfunctions are vital to the assessment of musculoskeletal integrity.
Rear bodywork is different too because the engine's vee drops the plenum down lower and a smaller hump can cover it, and the tail end is different where the exhausts exit.
In bodywork , for example, the more detailed our understanding of the structures and processes occurring under our hands, the more precise we can be with what we are doing.
Tuina is not especially useful for those seeking a mild, sedating and relaxing massage since it tends to be more task focused than other types of bodywork .
Vandals slashed tyres, scratched bodywork and pulled off windscreen wipers.
Techniques are at the heart of any system of bodywork .
Several vehicles have had their windscreens broken and bodywork dented.
Each vehicle is fully deformable, with impacts on individual parts of the chassis giving rise to lost doors, dented bodywork and smashed windscreens.
There is a discussion of alternative medical approaches such as bodywork , massage and nutritional supports.
The three main reasons for failing the test in 2004 were bodywork , headlight alignment and registration plates.
He worked from October to December on the preliminary bodywork and chassis design.