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bodysuit / комбинезон
имя существительное
a close-fitting one-piece stretch garment for women, typically worn for sports.
Undaunted, the fledgling entrepreneur returned to Los Angeles, where she took her original bathing suit blocks and spun out an entire line of sexy, skin-tight bodysuits , cat suits, leggings and dresses.
Below in the locker rooms, Namir had just finished her stretches and pre-battle meditation, and was zipping herself into her camouflage bodysuit .
Our kneeling hero is basically wearing a one-piece bodysuit with boots and a headband.
Wear a bodysuit instead of a regular blouse on the plane - it won't ride up and come untucked, looking rumpled.
I had hoped the many important lessons of the leotard and/or the snap-crotch bodysuit had long been learned.
The definition states, ‘A full bodysuit or costume is one that extends below the knees or covers any part of the arms.’
But now, rather than the thin black dress, she was dressed head to toe in a black bodysuit that seemed to absorb the light around it.
Of course, as any yoga teacher worth his or her pork loins will remind you, true yoga has nothing to do with looking good in a Lycra bodysuit .
She wore an ivory bodysuit with ivory leotards on her legs.
Hannah watches her and pulls on a sweatshirt to cover the top of her damp bodysuit .
A bodysuit emblazoned with stars, appears alongside 70s style pinstripe suits and spaghetti strap dresses which are either opaque and bold, or plain black and transparent.