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bodyguard / телохранитель, личная охрана, эскорт
имя существительное
bodyguard, safeguard
личная охрана
bodyguard, life guard
escort, bodyguard, safe-conduct
имя существительное
a person or group of people hired to escort and protect another person, especially a dignitary.
Already, she is in need of bodyguards to protect her from the all-too-real threat of stalkers.
The presidential bodyguard , the Secret Service, controlled the security operation.
Campaigning then was a bit tougher than it is now, so tough in fact that George Albert employed a bodyguard .
Well, perhaps not as different as Tahr's escort, but for a bodyguard she was extremely small.
We had no money at the time and couldn't afford basic security on our own homes, let alone a bodyguard .
He took courses in the field, then worked as a nightclub bouncer and a bodyguard .
While we're at it, we can even get a bodyguard to escort us from our home to the grocery.
Imran Khaliq, 24, used to work as a bodyguard , security guard and nightclub doorman.
As usual, the singer was flanked by bodyguards wearing black designer suits.
He still travels with two bodyguards , pared down from the dozen who used to protect him.
Plus he's probably got about 85 overweight bodyguards that will sweep the area two hours before he comes.