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body / тело, корпус, кузов
имя существительное
body, flesh, solid, frame, figure, corpus
body, housing, corps, case, hull, shell
body, carcase, carcass
incarnate, embody, personify, epitomize, externalize, body
придавать форму
shape, form, body, configurate, fashion, figure
имя существительное
the physical structure of a person or an animal, including the bones, flesh, and organs.
it's important to keep your body in good condition
the main section of a car or aircraft.
the body of the aircraft was filled with smoke
the main or central part of something, especially a building or text.
information that changes regularly is kept apart from the main body of the text
a large or substantial amount of something; a mass or collection of something.
a rich body of Canadian folklore
a distinct material object.
the path taken by the falling body
give material form to something abstract.
he bodied forth the traditional Prussian remedy for all ills
build the bodywork of (a motor vehicle).
an era when automobiles were bodied over wooden frames
Holistic health care is a perfect technique for the nourishment of mind, body and spirit.
umbrella body
It taught me how to work always to bring mind and body and spirit together and the beauty of music.
they found his body washed up on the beach
body of literature
restructuring formulations help to add body
The main body of the house had been gutted, but the pavilions remained intact.
the body of the aircraft was filled with smoke
Taking up so much of the roof area, it has to stay sealed with the glass permanently in place to maintain the car's body rigidity.
upper body