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bodily / телесный, физический, соматический
имя прилагательное
bodily, corporeal, corporal, physical, somatic, fleshly
physical, natural, bodily, material, physic, corporal
somatic, systemic, bodily, corporeal
entirely, wholly, bodily, purely, en bloc, all in all
personally, individually, particularly, bodily, peculiarly, in one's own person
в собранном виде
имя прилагательное
of or concerning the body.
children learn to control their bodily functions
by taking hold of a person's body, especially with force.
he hauled her bodily from the van
It is concerned with the automatic control of bodily function.
The disease ravaged his frail body, leaving him unable to speak or control bodily functions in his final days.
She missed the mischievous glint that came into his eyes, and so it took her completely by surprise when she was picked up bodily and flung into the water by a very familiar pair of strong arms.
Suddenly Mac was knocked to the ground by a pirate who'd launched himself bodily off the top of the shuttle.
They nail every joke and throw themselves bodily into an exhausting and well-timed series of pratfalls.
Five days ago, they were borne up the creek that leads out to sea, borne up like some all-conquering champion sportsman might be borne, and flung bodily at the bridge.
The punishment of the body was compensated by bodily freedom in hurling stones.
He barely had a moment to swear before he was lifted bodily from the ground and turned to face the murderer.
To paraphrase Bois, in this context it revealed the precariousness of the confidence in bodily and material solidity.
I heard footsteps running up from behind me but before I could turn on my own I was being bodily forced to turn by the very strong hands of David.