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bodega / винный погребок
имя существительное
винный погребок
bodega, wineshop, groggery, dive, grog-shop, wine-vault
имя существительное
a small grocery store, especially in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood.
Johnson smoked American Spirits, and Melissa hadn't seen a bodega or smoke shop since arriving in the afterworld.
My bodega has started selling these revoltingly large ones.
When one followed me near my own block, I ducked into a bodega for a bottle of water.
Stopping at the little Cuban bodega on the strip, he bought himself some expresso to go and opted for a long walk along the surf to clear his mind.
The mellow Black Label, which mixes more than 40 kinds of malt and grain whisky, each of which has been stored in a bodega for at least 12 years, has gained fame all over the world.
Maybe I'll buy some food supplies at a friendly neighborhood bodega while I'm at it.
Does the bodega owner have a huge cellar of these wines?
This is a wine bodega on the coast of southwestern Spain.
Steve is this big, rough-edged, very old-school-Brooklyn guy who is part owner in the corner bodega nearest my house.
Here we get to sample local delicacies at the bodega , or wine cellar.
They don't get much more traditional than La Rioja Alta, a bodega whose wines are some of my all-time favourites.