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bode / герольд
имя существительное
herald, bode
promise, bode, hold out promises
herald, portend, presage, foreshadow, forebode, bode
be an omen of a particular outcome.
their argument did not bode well for the future
remain or stay somewhere.
how long must I bide here to wait for the answer?
their argument did not bode well for the future
their argument did not bode well for the future
This internalised focus does not, however, bode well for future economic development of the community.
A number of key social trends emerged in the latest Census data which don't bode well for the region.
And reports this week that he has taken charge of deciding transfer targets do not bode well for McCall.
I'm a firm believer that too much time on your own doesn't bode well .
Dench and others believe the future doesn't bode well for health care consumers.
While there are risks with such little home equity, this does bode well for their financial futures.
I have a feeling this might not bode well for the costume parade in our little park on Sunday.
That would bode well for businesses should the court consider the issue again.