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bodacious / bodacious
имя прилагательное
excellent, admirable, or attractive.
the restaurant serves bodacious grilled lobster
The film opens with bodacious high school student Drew Becker making popcorn when the phone rings.
As it was easy to spot, photogenic and reassuring, I enjoyed ending my dives by gently surfacing between the bodacious pontoons.
Dennis was spending his time on the green resting up from some bodacious drives and approach shots.
The new one, like its predecessors, is a bodacious , lightweight, low-slung, sleek, fun car, but with a roomier interior and pronounced fender arches evoking a more muscular look.
Back at the apartment, Kristen Johnson likewise throws herself into the role of a formerly male military leader now inhabiting the big sexy body of a bodacious bombshell.
This leaves bodacious praise for Michael Healey, Martha Ross, and Marjorie Campbell who each float in and out of scenes with frenzied performances that are equally significant to the success of the play.
The transfer, while excellent, is not as bodacious as it could have been, and a film like this screams for a director's commentary track and more extra content.
Home of the tulip, Amsterdam is a city of bodacious flowers.
Big frocks, bodacious bods and grand entrances don't matter to her.
Despite their kung-fu moves and sharp crime-solving skills, the Angels clearly were valued more for their good looks and bodacious bods.