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bod / парень, человек
имя существительное
guy, boy, fellow, kid, lad, bod
man, person, human, individual, human being, bod
имя существительное
a body or physique.
shake your bod
biochemical oxygen demand.
Without telling anyone, she would work out and kick her bod into shape, even if it meant sneaking in workouts before or after work.
I took myself offline for a couple of days - the ole bod has decided it has had enough and succumbed to a flu-like thing.
I type in their contact details and wonder who will be my contacts when I'm old and grey and need someone to come over and pick up my wrinkly bod when I've fallen over in the garden.
shake your bod
Thus, once legislation has been approved by the appropriate Community bod , little can be achieved by parliamentary means.
You can be 150% fit in the bod , but weak in the head.
And if you're looking for a kissable bod , try getting some honey lotion or powder
I'm a south wales bod , who, though not old enough to actually vote for it went out and canvassed for the Assembly.
I really should just love the bod I've been given and just get comfortable in my own skin like the gals at my gym seem to be comfy in theirs.
Stunning Demi Moore reveals her toned bod in Charlie's Angels.