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bobby / полисмен
имя существительное
policeman, cop, bobby, constable, copper, crusher
имя существительное
a police officer.
Police authorities whose bobbies wear helmets for patrols will be given shorter, stronger ones next year.
However, I doubt that will ever happen, it's too close to Rodbourne and Rodbourne is not known to have policing or a beat bobby .
In this the mysterious mass murderer whom nobody observes was in fact a patrolling bobby , seen by everyone but noticed by none.
As a lad my small village had a bobby living in a police house locally.
In this episode a bobby , an actual policeman, speaks to her rudely.
The aim is to save bobbies from having to march offenders back to the police station to log their details.
Local police stations are being closed and people complain that beat bobbies have all but disappeared from our streets.
Road policing officers are to team up with beat bobbies to spearhead a campaign aimed at cutting crime in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.
Cheshire Chief Constable Peter Fahy said bobbies on the beat would become a less common sight as forces race to meet the demands of later opening hours.
Some councillors and police officers expressed concerns about bobbies being taken off the beat to escort prisoners to cells at Fulford, York.
Beat bobbies are forging closer links with British Transport Police officers patrolling York Station.