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bobble / промашка, промах, бурный поток
имя существительное
miss, slip, blunder, bloomer, fault, bobble
бурный поток
mishandle (a ball).
Andy bobbled the ball, so his throw home was too late
move with an irregular bouncing motion.
the glare of the snow made the landscape bobble
имя существительное
a small ball made of strands of wool used as a decoration on a hat or on furnishings.
Early collections included stripy scarves in shades of Pinky and Perky, tiny handbags in boiled wool and bobble hats straight out of Ladybird story-books.
a mishandling of a ball.
a once-a-season bobble by Jordan en route to a breakaway jam
an irregular bouncing motion.
After a lap of yellow, Bonilla enjoyed the point for just one more lap; a slight bobble in Turn Five (the one corner that's second gear) meant Prey got the run and passed him up the long backstraight.
His second was a misplaced pass to the same Killie striker, who was denied this time by a wicked bobble of the ball.
Michael Proctor flicked on another hopeful punt forward and Kyle stole in behind May's outstretched boot to bobble the ball past Jensen from 12 yards.
He was wearing a blue bobble hat, blue jumper and was carrying a sportsbag.
The robber is described as about 6ft tall, with heavy stubble that was visible even though he had pulled a bobble hat over his face.
He was wearing a black bobble hat and a dark-coloured anorak.
This, after all, is a place where people don't mind being called ‘Bennies’ (after Benny from Crossroads) because of their predilection for wearing bobble hats.
He laid it off to Ilkley captain David Knox whose low shot took a bobble and skipped over the arms of the diving Dobson.
The man with the truncheon was black, and wore a dark bobble hat and dark jacket.
a bobble hat
Metcalfe almost added to the score on 30 minutes when he just over-ran the ball after being put through by Barrow, and an unfortunate bobble thwarted Knox's determined run from midfield.