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bobbin / шпулька, катушка, бобина
имя существительное
bobbin, spool, reel, quill, pirn, hasp
coil, bobbin, reel, spool, sheave
spool, bobbin, reel, magazine
имя существительное
a cylinder or cone holding thread, yarn, or wire, used especially in weaving, machine sewing, and lacemaking.
In days gone by I would have ordered the non-standard bobbins my sewing machine uses from his shop and got them in mere weeks.
Pull the basting bobbin threads to gather the skirt.
Thread the machine needle with white thread and the bobbin with red thread.
Match the upper thread color with the bobbin thread to help disguise stitch inconsistencies.
Most readily available topstitching thread is polyester, so pair it with all-purpose polyester thread in the bobbin .
Wind thicker threads on a bobbin by hand, use regular sewing thread in the needle, and stitch with the right side down.
For the bobbin, use either embroidery-weight bobbin thread or all-purpose sewing thread in a matching color.
For example, if your machine has a frontloading bobbin , the flat side of the needle faces the back of the machine.
I've remembered what it was… I was going to plug that sewing machine in and see if I could wind a bobbin .
If the broken thread is the color of the bobbin thread, the upper tension is too loose.
Let out just enough slack line from the reel so that the bobbin is suspended two to three inches below the rod.