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bob / боб, отвес, маятник
имя существительное
bean, bob, legume
plumb, bob, plumb-line, lead
pendulum, balance, bob, balance wheel, ticker, swing of the pendulum
jump, bob, jump about, bob up and down
bounce, jump, hop, bob up and down, bob, jump about
коротко стричься
bob, cut one's hair close
имя существительное
a style in which the hair is cut short and evenly all around so that it hangs above the shoulders.
She had auburn hair styled in a bob cut, gentle, hazel eyes, and the greatest smile that had ever graced any thin, yet soft face.
a weight on a pendulum, plumb line, or kite-tail.
The functioning of a key depends on its rigidity whilst that of clocks and watches depend crucially on the weight of pendulum bobs or the elasticity of springs.
a bobsled.
If we sent the skaters down the bob run, there would be no politics, no guessing, no favors exchanged.
a short line at or near the end of a stanza.
a horse's tail docked short.
(of a thing) make a quick short movement up and down.
I could see his red head bobbing around
cut (someone's hair) in a bob.
she tied a headscarf over her bobbed brown hair
ride on a bobsled.
Initially, though, people came to the Alps for their health, for skating, for bobbing , for being seen and - only marginally - for skiing.
The long, thin string and the heavy bob will enable the pendulum to swing unencumbered for hours and hours and hours.
And the players all went to work the following day, with perhaps a hangover or two, but without a rewarding bob (sorry, euro) in their pockets.
Suddenly, a girl with her blonde hair cut in a short bob cut and a round face came running out of the salon.
Her normal shape of manifestation was that of a slender, short woman with snowy hair cut quite short in a page-boy bob and an ageless, lovely face.
Looks like the penny has finally dropped regarding the possibilities of earning a bob or two over the web, without the inconvenience of flying all over the place.
It may be worth a few bob in years to come, but that was not the reason I bought it.
Hopefully it will be a great season and fingers crossed we might make a few bob over the coming season, no matter slight the chances.
‘Excuse me, my lady, but my lady Kei said for me to bring Nichole here to you for a bit,’ said Lela with a slight bob to signify a curtsey.
In fact there are only three things to it: the length of the string, the weight of the bob , and the size of the swing.
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