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boatyard / шлюпочная мастерская, катеростроительный завод
имя существительное
шлюпочная мастерская
катеростроительный завод
имя существительное
a place where boats are built, repaired, or stored.
Pollution from marinas and boatyards and the impact on marine ecosystems from yachting infrastructure development are also of concern, a subject too deep to go into here.
The Harbour Board had sought the permission of the Department of Marine to demolish the old boatyard slipway in order to facilitate the development of the area.
The boatyard and its moorings introduced Roy to a tapestry of like minded people and also earned them a large spread in the April '63 edition of lifestyle magazine The Tatler.
And at Durn, further east along the canal, there could be a boatyard , long and short-term moorings, a chandlery, workshops and town houses and apartments.
But he said this made it even more important that Rochdale Council acts quickly to develop a boatyard and boat hire facilities at Durn.
For Charles Pool, owner of the marina and of Yacht Services Ltd, the marina's parent company and boatyard , boats are more than just a rich man's plaything; they're a way of life.
The issue of the old boatyard slipway continues to be unresolved.
He also constructed a gristmill, wharf, and boatyard , and shipped the products of his furnace as far as New Orleans.
What does represent progress, at least for cruising sailors, is the presence of two marinas and a well-equipped boatyard .
Local workboats and cruising yachts staying south of the hurricane belt have kept the boatyard operating at capacity through the summer months, both before and after September 11.
The sky was the color of slate and everything was damp and getting damper as a steady drizzle fell Friday afternoon on the boatyard of the St. Augustine Marina.