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boatman / лодочник
имя существительное
boatman, boater, waterman, shoreman, shoresman
имя существительное
a person who rents out or works on boats.
Trade on the Barrow was booming with up to 50 boats owned and worked by the Graignamanagh boatmen who worked the navigation system until trade ceased.
Instead, follow the river where it goes, and after a time, when the rapids no longer swirl and bash, you may hire a boatman to take you where you wish.
The stoic expression on Buddy's weathered face was almost identical to that of the other boatman as the boats closed rapidly on each other.
Not all is lost though, for about twenty five pounds sterling you can hire a boatman for six hours and have him anchor within casting distance of the feeding fish.
Enter from the north bank, downstream from the bridge at the Tweed boatman 's mooring site.
Lt Welch has a team of 31, including 27 divers, an administrative assistant, a boatman and two artificers to maintain their equipment.
After arriving at Fern Island, they had to hire a boatman to take them to Goldworth Isle.
Founding Chairman of the Newry Canal Preservation Society, John was a boatman , a sailor, a windsurfer and a musician from the Showband days.
Sitting in his small wooden boat, an old boatman surnamed Wu warmed up a pot of yellow rice wine, then carefully poured it into a bowl for himself.
Ferries have crossed the River Severn between Newnham and Arlingham since Roman times, but the last boatman packed up in 1947.
The boatman steers the boat out into the current where Paul and his fellow co-celebrity, Scotland rugby star Rob Wainwright, make the first casts of the season.