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boatload / полная нагрузка шлюпки
имя существительное
полная нагрузка шлюпки
имя существительное
a number of passengers or amount of cargo that will fill a ship or boat.
a boatload of coal
He expected to rub elbows with celebrities on the cruise but found he was the only celebrity on the good ship, Quaker City, among a boatload of pious Christians.
North Carolina's boatload of elite prospects might form a championship team.
Today a boatload of cattle has left Ireland for Lebanon.
the Telecommunications Reform Act created a boatload of new regulations
A boatload of nearly 4000 are on their way to Saudi Arabia
For this year's romp through their back catalogue, they've rafted in a boatload of friends who don't have day jobs they shouldn't quit.
A boatload of refugees has provoked a nervous reaction in Australia, but attitudes toward immigration may be shifting
a boatload of coal
Hey, and one thing I have had a boatload of is the over the top colour scheming in this show.
But presumably you did this because you knew this boatload of people was on its way, is that correct?